Friday, February 29, 2008

A rare critisism

Just a note: This entry was deleted. I feel some explanation is in order as I had previously said I wouldn't censor this blog.

Foremost, some people who commented publicly and privately managed to convince me that I may have been a bit too uncompromising in my attitude. Specifically,

Olympic sports are for comparing who is best. Aikido is about self development and becoming your best. Some will naturally be better. Some will find it too easy and leave. It's the journey that is important..and everyone has their own destination in mind. Some tourists just don't fit in, that's all.
I really couldn't argue with that and if my post seemed to contradict this idea, then it's sending the wrong message and not the one I intended.

I want to stress I did not delete the post because I was worried about recriminations or because of any critical comments. I welcome all comments and won't delete any that are critical of me -- especially those that are critical of me. Like a letters to the editor section in a magizine or newspaper, I welcome the views of those who disagree with me.

I thank all of you who expressed your opinions, both positive and negative. We're all on this path together, that's for sure.

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