Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Between Heaven and Earth

OK, enough sucking at aikido. Back to business.

I had the day off so was able to attend the morning class. :) Steve Pimsler taught. We focused on ryotedori (Two hands holding two hands.) Starting with tenchinage, of course, and then branching out to other, more leading techniques. Tenchinage is translates to "heaven and earth throw" because of the way the hands open up, one up high and the other low to the ground. Like you are reaching for heaven and earth. It's poetic, isn't it?

Speaking of tenchinage, we did it both in the usual, get off line way and also a tai subaki way which I know I've seen before, but never really understood until yesterday. I guess you could call it a more advanced version. It's different, anyway. I liked it. Steve came over and helped me get it.

Whenever Steve points something out, it always seems so clear; and his aikido is so strong, too.

After class, I saw him working with a guy and before I knew it, there was a randori thing happening. Apparently, they do this often after the morning class. If I had known, I'd have joined in, but by the time I realized what they were doing, it was too late. Next time, for sure.

Here's Alberto demonstrating tenchinage in the more traditional way:

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