Monday, February 11, 2008

Kind of blue

Well, a busy weekend of aikido, but not much to report.

Actually, I'm feeling a little down about my aikido these days. I know I shouldn't and that is the wrong attitude, but all of a sudden, I feel a bit spastic. It seems all bad all the time! Just a mass of tension, and muscle...

I mentioned this to Mike and Andy over breakfast after the morning class this morning and they tried to cheer me up. Both of them seemed to agree one goes through such a phase before he's about to make some kind of leap in progress. I certainly hope they are correct! But for the meantime, I can't see it coming at all.

In a similar vein, on recent blogger said, "You always suck at aikido."

Anyway, we just keep plugging away, all the same. It has to get better eventually, whether it's a sudden flash or a slow, eventual grind.

I still love aikido, even on the days it doesn't love me back...

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AikiAddict said...

One of my teachers once told me (when I was whining about feeling like I was regressing or something) that everyone goes through these periods, and why should I be any different? So, yeah, just keep training. Just have fun and don't worry about it. It is all good. :)