Sunday, February 03, 2008

Dynamic duo

Debbie Crampton subbed for Ruth in the Saturday morning class. That was a fun change. I always like when she teaches. Her technique and explanations are very clear.

We started off with ryotedori, mostly tenchinage and kokyu type stuff. Then we switched to one had grabs (katatedori) and the real fun began.

I found myself in a group with a few sempai, including Junya, John, Mike Abrams and a few others. We did several techniques with an opening tenkan, as well as more kokyu type stuff.

Well, Junya and John seemed to be trying to out do each other with their speed and ferocity. As always, I got the short end of all that, let me tell you. I think guys like to throw me hard because I'm fairly big. They know I can take it and they see it as good exercise or something. Truthfully, I don't really mind, it's much better than if people felt they had to take it easy on me, right? It's a kind of compliment, I hope.

There were a few kokyo throws when those two did the put-the-knee-in-the-way trick. I think during tenchinage, also, they did that. I remember it was not so long ago I was petrified of being thrown that way, so I guess that's a sign of improvement. (Next I have to learn how do do that myself. I'm getting there. Haha.)

I don't often see John, I guess he practices at times I'm not usually at the dojo. I also heard he's in school. These days I'm seeing Junya more often, and that's a very good thing. His aikido is really strong and clean. I love to watch him and learn from him.

I mentioned to me once he spend a few months as an uchi-deshi at hombu (The head Aikikai dojo in Japan) and it shows. His form and etiquette are always perfect.

So I survived the dynamic duo to go back another day! (I guess that makes me the Joker...)

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