Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Getting a clue?

I managed to make the 4:15 p.m. class with Donovan Waite. It's been a while since I attended one of his classes. I really enjoyed it.

I felt much more comfortable in his class than I have in the past. Usually, I'm just confused, but I found I could pretty much follow the techniques this time around.

Donovan likes to combine waza and otherwise introduce new ways to do old things. He doesn't do it in a gratuitous way, like some, but still I had a hard time in his classes in the past.

I hope this means I'm actually getting a clue, but who knows? Maybe that class was innovation-lite for a reason and next time I'll be just as lost as ever, we'll see!

Anyway, his movements still amaze me. Very strong and very graceful. His aikido is an amazing thing to behold.