Thursday, January 31, 2008

No smoking

Smoking has really been holding me back in aikido. When classes are more vigorous, I tend to fall behind because I'm gasping for breath. Well, finally, I got tired of it and stopped smoking earlier this week. This attempt at quitting has gone much better than any of the others, and I'm really hopeful it will stick.
I'm getting quite a few of the symptoms one gets when quitting, including coughing, irritability, increased appetite, tiredness and lack of concentration.

Last night, I felt even more tired in class than usual. According to what I'm reading, this is normal and should get better in a few days. I hope so.

I don't feel like writing any details about last night's class now. It's too hard to concentrate. Lots of kokyu. Typical Alberto style. Worked on form. Good class, as usual.

No more smoking!


AikiAddict said...

You can do it, Tom!!!!

AikiPenguin said...

Thanks! It's hard. :(

puchi said...

Keep up the good work and Aikido path. Hope UR still smoke free!

Newby to Aikido. My username puchi means "small". I am 5'3" and its a real advantage for uprooting you taller guys! I'm sure I'll get my downfall before long!