Monday, January 07, 2008


Chuck likes suwari-waza (seated techniques). Because of my inability to do them well, I hate suwari-waza, but I need the practice that and always try to make Chuck's classes.

Yesterday, I'd say we did them for a good 45 minutes, which is far, far beyond my comfort level when walking around on my knees! In fact, he alluded to this when demonstrating. "Last one, I promise." he told us. That one was, in fact, hanmi-handachi, which is halfway between sitting and standing, as uke attacks standing and nage defends seated.

This video is a good example of hanmi-handachi:


AikiAddict said...

I hate suwari waza too. So I am going to try REALLY hard not to shake my damn head in advanced class tonight.

Michael said...

Suwari waza is one of the most evil things we do... aside from Noriko's nikkyo

AikiAddict said...

My sensei told me that for over TWO YEARS, Harvey would have them do hanmi handachi/suwari waza for the entire advanced class. And Harvey is such a nice guy.... ;)

I think the message was, "So don't even think about complaining anymore about doing a few minutes of suwari waza!"