Sunday, January 13, 2008

Donovan Waite

Donovan Waite Sensei, (7th Dan, Shihan) teaches classes at the New York Aikikai on Sunday and Monday. Donovan is one of the North East's aikido heavyweights, a very well respected and sought-out teacher. In particular, he's noted for his ukemi and is responsible for the soft, flowing style held up as the ideal at the Aikikai. Donovan is also chief instructor at his own dojo in Philadelphia, Aikido of Center City.

When Donovan comes to the Aikikai, he tends to teach in an advanced style. Sometimes I can get a bit confused. However, it's always inspirational to see him perform a technique. His movements have a quiet elegance and an understated power that shows the rest of us just how it is all supposed to be done.
Ōsensei supposedly said, "When I move, that is aikido." If that's true, I think Donovan's style must be a glimmer of what he meant by that.

Sunday's classes focused on
Ushiro ryotedori (grabbing both wrists from behind) and various techniques from there. It was fairly standard for Donovan! But he still managed to get to kotegaeshi in a way that was unfamiliar to me.

Here's an old clip of Donovan:

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Anonymous said...

mmm,,,i know Donovan Sensei is very great in aikido. He's ever been here (Jakarta,Indonesia) to teach in seminar ----> at my dojo last year. hehehhe...i hope he'll come to teach us again :p