Thursday, February 07, 2008

Let's go to the hop... or not

Another Alberto class last night. Lots of kokyu, as usual. I think when we are doing the technique Alberto is standing there thinking, OK, that's good, they are moving. What can I do next to get them to move more? Haha.

We change partners every technique, at least. In the last few minutes of class, we change more often. About every minute. Then he'll shout out, "The last one does push ups." That's so Alberto.

Actually, he's a very inspirational figure. I heard he had a serious injury to his back and couldn't walk or move well afterward. I guess he used aikido for his rehabilitation. So, he doesn't let us slack off. :)

One thing I still can't do in his class are the bunny hops. He usually has us do them in the beginning or in the end (or both) of class. I really feel bad sitting them out, but my left knee just can't take them. Even though I can now use it again -- unlike last year when it wouldn't bend -- it still is not as strong as it should be. I have no doubt that 20 bunny hops would do some damage.

He called for 20 at the end of class. I stayed in a kneeling position. I guess he noticed because after the first 15, he said. "Come on, just 5 more, everybody." Of course, I felt that directed at me, whether it was or not. But I don't want to be sidelined off the mat for weeks, which is what happened to me last year.

The 6:45 p.m. class is a young group. In fact, I'm sure it's the youngest average age of any class of the day. It just seems to work out that way for some reason. At 38, I bet I'm the oldest regular attendee. Next time I get a chance to talk to him, I'll have to explain to him about me knee. Anyway, he's a good guy and he never singles me or anyone else out. I try to keep up with the push ups and sit ups, at least!

With all the changes in partners, I got with all four deshi. Mike is back on the mat after dislocating his toe. That guy's ukemi is just becoming amazing. He was taking ukemi for a kokyu throw, and his back rolls were utterly silent. I don't know why that seems more amazing that a silent front roll, but it is, somehow. At one point, I joked with him, "Will you please make some noise?" I have to figure out how he does that.

I also got with Sanji and the two Australian deshi. They just started this week and that can be quite an adjustment. Toward the end of class, poor Luke looked like he'd seen better days. I asked him how many classes he took today? "All of them," he groaned. Which is of course, the correct answer. ;) I don't know if I'll ever be in the kind of shape where I can take 5 classes per day 5 days a week and 2 per day on the weekends. Wow.

Speaking of shape, at least I got through all of Alberto's class, with all the partner changes and stuff, with out having to go get water. It's funny. That class was a lot more active than yesterday's; yet yesterday I could barely get through with a water break. Sometimes I just don't get it.

Anyway, onward and upward!

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