Saturday, March 01, 2008

Thinking too much

Keith substituted for Douglas Firestone Friday night. Among other skills, Keith is finishing his degree in physical therapy and has been working like a madman to get his internship finished. He's finally at the end of the tunnel and he has been able to train more regularly.

We did mostly kokyu type throws, ryōte-dori which is not my strong point. Good to get more practice in. ;)

At about half way through the class, however, we switched to a not-quite randori. Two uke each for nage, who should use some of the techniques just practiced. I guess that would really be jiuwaza. Of course, practicing this way, the technical considerations become secondary to movement. And that's a very good thing to practice.

The funny thing, I noticed I performed those techniques much better in the jiyuwaza portion of the class. Left to my own devices, I do tend to over analyze, and in a more free-style environment, that just isn't possible. So it's true what people tell me, "Don't think too much, just move." Hehe.

Here's a clip of someone moving around a good bit in a freestyle setting:

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