Friday, March 28, 2008

Pink pulp

Alberto, Alberto, Alberto. The man just doesn't let up. Push-ups and sit-ups in the beginning and end of class. Pushing exercises. Lots of vigorous techniques and partner changes. Forcing, not just committed attacks, but hard, fast and vigorous ones. Groups of three only...

After all that, I was a pink pulp lying on the mat.

Can't wait 'til next week.


Anonymous said...

As tiring as it was, I'm starting to see the point of that kind of training.

For example, in the first group activity, I was pulling too much on each uke at the beginning.

As I got more tired, though, I started letting uke slide past, without any physical effort on my part (mainly because being nage was the only breather I could take!).

And so I wound up with a better sense of what the throw is supposed to feel like.

Having said that, though, I'm glad not every class is like that!

AikiPenguin said...

So the anonymous mystery deepens. We must have interacted last night, didn't we?

What you say is very true, but I couldn't help wish the pushing exercise was more centered that it turned out to be. Lots of other schools use such exercises regularly, to great effect. One of my partners followed the example and not the words. Thus he was very top heavy and using great strength to push. I tried not to let myself get sucked into this, just using my center and ki. But at my level, his strength was greater than my ki and that was a bummer. In order not to be thrust across the room, I felt my shoulders and arms getting into the action, which defeats the point of the exercise. Less gung ho and more sensitivity (not on his part) would have been more helpful, I think. That's my style, anyway.

I can't remember exactly which was the first group technique, but I know what yo are saying.