Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Back falls

I went back to the evening class this week. I may change back to the afternoon tomorrow, we'll see.

Junya taught his usual class. It was very good as always. Junya's technique is very strong and clean. And he teaches in a clear manner.

Class was pretty straight forward. Mostly yokomenuchi, which I always enjoy.

I got a few interesting ideas form kotegaeshi. One was that the throw should really be a cut straight down, not to the side like I had been doing. The other was the cut for the opening. That should not cut straight to uke's center, like I had been doing, but a bit off to his side so as to unbalance him. I have to work with this more, but it seems very valuable.

At the end of class, we did a bunch of backfalls rolling back up into a standing position. Ugh. That's tough. I had no idea how many we did, but I found out.

After class, Junya asked me, tounge in cheek, "Did you do them all?"

"Sure," I said, with a laugh. Both of us knowing full well I certainly did not do them all. "In fact, I did 2 more than you!"

"Oh, so you did 52 then?"

"Yup." We were both smiling by this point.

Actually, that would be a good goal to work up to. Fifty per day. Back falls are not stupid like push ups, I think. Not only does it provide a physical workout, but I imagine it would help to make me more centered. I'll have to try them more often.


Anonymous said...

Ahem, pushups are not stupid.

As for the 50 backfalls, they wouldn't be tough to do if he kept his starting pace.

It's the way he picks up the pace that makes it difficult.

AikiPenguin said...

LOL. Yes you are right, push ups are not stupid. I stand corrected.

What I was trying to say, I think, is: The back rolls are better than push ups, which doesn't fit my concept of aiki and therefor is not necessary in the dojo. Of course, that is just my view.

So Mr. Anonymous, you practice at the Aikikai, too? It seems so from your comment. I had you pegged for a student of Mike's in Hoboken.

Why don't you send me an email?

Anonymous said...

Doh, I've revealed too much about my secret identity!

Seriously, though, I'd like to stay anon for the time being.

But do keep up your blog, as I really enjoy reading it.

Patrick said...

Mr. Furnari - good for you, pushups or back falls for knowing what you were walking into when you attended Mr. Junya's class.
I've told him I'd try to make it but haven't 'found the opening in the schedule'.
Further to what anonymous was saying I look forward to your posts as they offer a glimpse (and more) of what I could expect in classes that I haven't attended. So your assignment is: keep posting !
See you soon.Patrick

AikiPenguin said...

It's OK Peter Parker, your secret is safe with me.

One thing I like about this blog is I can come into contact with lots of folks, near and far. But of course, that's always up to you.

Thanks your comments and I hope you keep reading!

AikiPenguin said...

Hey Patrick,

I wouldn't let Junya's penchant for back falls dissuade you from attending his classes, which are exellent. Everyone just does the best he can. Very few can do all 50, I am sure.

I will fulfill my assigned task!

Anonymous said...

I'll say hello next time I see you at the dojo.

I'm not trying to be inscrutable, it's just that after posting to so many other sites under my real name, it's nice to be anonymous every now and then.

AikiPenguin said...

Good deal dude. Looking forward to it!