Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Well, I'm getting back into daily practice. I still have a trace of bronchitis, but it's manageable again. Feeling better each day.

Mike McNally taught class yesterday afternoon. We concentraited on ushiro tekubitori (one of his favorites) so it was a nice, active class. I always enjoy Mike's classes. He has a calm, understated way about him that makes the students feel relaxed, I think.

We did most of the class in groups, and I was in a pretty good one. All were sempai.

Everything was going very well until about 10 minutes before class was over. Somehow, I took a bad roll or something, I'm not really sure what happened. I think I might have gotten myself caught in between a front roll and a break fall. But what ever happened, I just smashed into the mat.

I thought I was past the point of "stupid" injuries, meaning injuries without a definite cause like a slip or an accident, but I guess not. I can't recall there being any problem or anything unusual about the situation, just suddenly I slammed all my weight into a very small area of my lower left side. My back didn't even hit the mat flush!

I felt it immediately. After class, I was walking around like a very old man. It hurt to lift my left leg! I kind of shuffled home...

Even so, I could tell it wasn't very serious and sure enough, I woke up this morning feeling pretty normal. Lucky this time. Unlike the poor fellow in the photo above. I hope he made it.

It just goes to show, even these moves that I feel have been internalized aren't yet perfect with a lack of mental effort. In short, let's be careful out there.

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